Vlasto Peyitch is comfortable playing the gangster, however he has also played the professor and the nice husband seated on the sofa next to his wife (The Errand of Angels). 

The Yugoslavian born actor has shown his flexibility as he has appeared in many independent films mostly shot in Germany.

In the last years he has also been seen in several TV and movie roles. 

2011 proved to be his busiest year he worked in over 15 productions. He was cast in TV, movies, independent film and a few short films, (also professionally produced), often traveling between Berlin, Munich, Zürich.

He proved his skills in the commercial market with his effective character face and voice. 

Talented Voice Actor, Voice Over on the road, too!

He: „We promise to ignite our brave hearts on set and let the sparks fly. Let us dazzle the audience 

with our next project. Call me and I´ll be there - burnin!“

International Accents:  

german-english, russian-english, indian-english, slavic english,

french-english, italian-english, arabic-english, 

asian-english, scottish-english, robotic voice, VOG, Trailer-VO

Instruments: Mouthorgan, Acc. Guitar

Part of biography...

2021 XY-Ungelöst (ZDF)                                         director: Christoph Klunker       role: Tado Loncar

2018 WARRIOR CHILDREN                          director: Camilo Matiz             role: Mystery Man

2018 Viral Spot  - The Dynafit SQUAD           director: A. Gschossmann        role: Wedding-Priest

2017 Galileo Spezial -The Choice of Germany  director: Tobias Bräuhauser         role: Ital. President

2017 Undead Apocalypse (Webserial)               director:  Lars Epting                    role: Dr. Berg

2016 One Shot Left                                            director: Manuel Vogel                 role: Mercenary/Central

2015 SNOWDEN                                               director: Oliver Stone                   Party Guest at the US Embassy

2015 Faust-Im Schatten der Nation                   director: D. Grisolia, C. Ernst       role: Sergey Sokolow

2015 Ethernal Midnight                            director: Adrian Heinrich       role: Prof. Maynard—REEL

2015 Grimms Kinder                                        director: Thomas Pill                     role: Bad Wolf

2014  In Gefahr                                                 director: Martina Allgeyer             role: Remo Berger

2014  Die Chefin    (TV)                                   director: Elmar Fischer                 role: Attorney

2013 RASPUTIN-short                              director: Frank Walter            role: Rasputin—REEL

2013  TATORT- From the depth of time           director: Dominik Graf                  role: Chief fraud dep.

2013 GALILEO (TV)                                       director: Andreas Einbeck             role: Juggler

2012 ALLIANZ-Video Conference, (int.)        director: Dario Manns                   role: Staff

2012 Tarzan (Cinema)                                      director:  Reinhard Klooss             role: motion capture actor

2012 Silent Night (US-Cinema)              director: Christian Vuissa       role: Doctor—REEL

2012 Survival   (Cinema)                                 director: Frank Raffel                     role: Prof. Melanow

2012 Scotchend (film-noir, short)                    director: M. Muccio/S. Lange        role: Frank

2012 Commercial (TV)                          dir: M. Feresin/S.Hess         role: father

2011 Dirty Laundry  (short)                             director: Arndt Sch.-Sohnrey         role: Adrian

2011 Orchestra of Exiles  (US-Docu)              director: Josh Aronson                   role: Chaim Weizmann

2011 TV-Film: Munich 72 (TV)                      director: Dror Zahavi                     role: TV-Reporter

2011 Dendrologium                                         director: Stemplewski/Azam          role: the forrester

2011 Commercial: Dacia                                 director: Markus Walter            role: demonstrator

2011 Kunstspiel (short)                                    director: Josef Fasching                  role: commissioner

2010 Film: Lapis Meridius                       director: Axel Loh                    role: Joseph of Armathia—REEL

2010 Film: Zombies from outer space              director: Martin Faltermeier          role: Prof. Stock

2010 Film: Deep in my mind (DVD)                director: Guenther Brandl             role: Grzegorz Stajner

2009 Commercial: Winterhalter (Image)      director: Adrian Copitzky         role: Chief cook

2009 TV-serial: Sturm der Liebe                      director: changing                          role: Albert Hesse

2008Commercial: TV-Warszawa          director: Sebastian Cramer     role: ArtistREEL

2008 Film: Legend of Hell (DVD)                   director: Olaf Ittenbach                  role: Matthew

2007 TV serial: KTI the mystirios murder       director: changing                           role: Stefan Ramersdorf 

2007 TV-serial: Mein schlimmster Tag            director: Carsten Kattau                 role: Sergej Beresinskij

2007 TV-serial: Mein schlimmster Tag            director: Nicole Sachtleben            role: Peter Schroeder

2007 TV-serial: the comedy trap                      director: Nicole Sachtleben            role: Groshof

2007 US-Film:  The errand of angels     director: Christian Vuissa       role: Man with coockies.    REEL

2007 print: Fotoshooting (Siemens)            agency: Kaletsch media              photographer: F. Kretschmann

2007 TV-Opener                                         director: Armin Reinhardt      role: PokerplayerREEL

2006 US-film: The German Teacher                 director: John Figueroa                  role: Max

2006 TV-serials: Stadt, Land, Mord                  director: Dennis Satin                    role: Test manager

2004 TV:  Im Zweifel fuer die Liebe (ARD)     director: Johannes Fabrick            role: Announcer

2004 TV-dailies: Alexander Hold                      director: changing                          role: Konstantin Heidkamp

2004 TV-dailies: A. Hold                                   director: Uwe Hahn                      role: Attorney T. Lukic

2004 Voice Over: Fantasy  Damnatus               director: Huan Vu                          role: Techpriest

2004 short: Royal Trash                                    director: B. Burkhardt                   role: Alessandro

2003 Model Shooting Getty images MUC     3x Fotomodel Neue Post (magazine)

2002 TV-serials: Doppelter Einsatz                   director: Markus Imboden             role: waiter

2002 DVD Bavaria-Film  bank-film training    director: Susanne Picard                role: Coach

2000 DVD: Olli, Tiere, Sensationen                  director: Olli Dittrich                    role: Serge Sattler

1995  TV-Commercial Amsterdam

Open-Air-Theater Olympic terrain Munich Riem:

2010 Lux et Umbra - Angelorum                        director: Axel Loh                        role: Duke Albrecht v. Trojsdorf

Apartment possibility:

ARUBA,   Karibik, Miami, New York, Boston,



privat by Michael Webb (Hamburg)

Learning by acting (Amsterdam, Hamburg, Munich)

Familiar with Sanford Meisner Technique

Self-study Eric Morris



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