John, a family man, through an encounter with the wolf leader and his pack, discovers that we are connected to a higher meaning than the nonsense we live and call economics. He kidnaps a banker, and puts a question to both of them - supplying answers that would appear to unflinchingly face the challenge of a new age, the survival of homo sapiens. This story is not entirely fictional and has much in common with current living people.


This feature film is embedded in a psychological and philosophical survival concept. It tells of two very different characters from one and the same scatterbrained world - the banker (antagonist) Mr Goodman and his kidnapper John (protagonist). They tread their brief path together connected by a thick 20 metres chain.

In a forest, and beneath a military tent, the two appear to draw closer together, yet their original conflict remains. A mini TV set continues to bring the hard facts of the time into play, jolting the fragile harmony established in their far-removed forest retreat, but which at the same time supplies the necessary subject matter for the analysis of the current zeitgeist and its self-destructiveness.

The additional two characters of young couple Jay and Michelle embody the significant force of the new generation, in the movement towards a future of reason and sanity. After a form of clarification, a new pattern forms in their minds – after a profound experience – with a completely new view of life. The film is brought to life by great images of human beings and nature, the dialogue, the deep questions posed and the strength of the characters. The forest will become a kind of purifying institution of humans, forest and at length, the thaughtful audience itself.vp

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